Treating damp

Damp problems in walls

Causes of damp

  • Blocked cavities,
  • Insufficient air bricks,
  • Break down of damp course,
  • Roof damp problems caused by missing tiles/ slate or breakdown of associated lead flashings.


Damp problems tend to cause secondary damage to buildings and may eventually lead to interior paint and plaster deteriorating, mold growth, and in extreme cases, mortar or plaster may fall away from the affected wall. External walls may see the mortar crumble and render fall away from the walls.

Preventing damp

Most forms of dampness are prevented by structurally sound brickwork because it acts as a barrier through which water cannot pass. However rain penetration or penetrating damp is a common form of dampness in buildings and is most often associated with single-skin walls, but can also occur through cavity walls. This happens when rain water penetrates through faults in damaged brickwork or damaged masonry such as missing, cracked or damaged pointing.

Treating damp

At South Coast Pointing, we provide damp problem solutions by repairing old brickwork and damaged pointing, which is the cause of most forms of damp, by repairing brickwork, and re-pointing old and damaged brickwork the ingress of water is prevented through what would have been old damp and frost damaged mortar. Feel free to ask us for more details on this process.Bournemouth damp problems

South Coast Pointing are based in the Bournemouth and Poole area and can offer solutions to damp problems in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch areas, we also work across the whole of Dorset and the South coast.

We have years of experience in repointing brickwork and brickwork repairs, South Coast Pointing is a local professional company, we have years of experience specialising in repointing, brickwork, damp proof problems and building extensions.